Sonic Shuffle to Forego Online Features

Sega X believed that Shuffle would not come with Internet features, yet Sega yesterday claimed that this was not true, and some Internet capabilities would be available with the title. What a difference a day makes. Today, Sega called back

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The ultimate proof that this was not a scam–now, when going to SonicTeam.Com, you can access the English sections which currently contains the SA2 video! The Japanese section has tons of goodies as well! Expect to see the site grow

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SonicTeam.Com Transfer: Sierra Ranay Contacts SOA’s Palmer

She wanted to make sure to the public, after the talk of SonicTeam.Com transfer being a scam, that the fact she would be getting a copy of Sonic Shuffle: I e-mailed Keith Palmer (Who happened to be the Senior Associate

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Dream Team Zone to Go Under, Other Sierra Website Safe

A little while ago we told you about the possibility of Sierra Ranay’s SonicUnderground.Net,, and AtlantisCity.Net going down. That is no longer the case according to her: The Website Crisis is OVER. I was able to obtain a credit

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DC Copy Protection Cracked, Games Pirated

From the Associated Press: NEW YORK (AP) — Hackers have broken yet another copy protection scheme, one meant to prevent the copying of games for the most powerful video game console on the U.S. market, the Sega Dreamcast. Japan-based Sega

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Sega Enterprises Becomes just Sega

At a shareholders’ meeting Wednesday, it was decided to change the name of Sega Enterprises to just plain old Sega. The new name will take effect in the Fall of this year. It was decided to do this since Sega

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ChuChu Rocket Credited for Dreamarena Registration Surge

The cat and mouse puzzle game is a godsend for the European Dreamcast online aspects, as the title is now in over a hundred thousand homes: The world’s first online console game- ChuChu Rocket! -has taken claim over 100,000 new

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The GHZ Site Translated to German

Simon Thum has taken on the task of porting a massive Sonic site over to another language. Yes, it’s the Green Hill Zone, originally by Green Gibbon!, now in German. So, for our German Sonic fans, click here to get

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New Sega Sports Pack Details

Rumors sprouted months ago about a potential black colored Dreamcast to be used in a special promotion pack. Now, we know just what that pack might. Titled the Sega Dreamcast Sports Pack, it will contain a black Dreamcast, a matching

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Genki Apologizes for Shutokou Battle 2 Faults

It looks like the game, titled Tokyo XTreme Racer 2 domestically, is not that stable. User reports of numerous problems with the title has led Genki, the developer, to establish a bulletin board that can be updated to report further

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