New Fan Radio Station: WSTF

New Fan Radio Station: WSTF

by June 9, 2000

It comes from Prowler; the initials stand for Sonic Team Fan, of course:

I’ve opened a radio station (streaming audio, same difference). It plays all kinds of Video Game Music Remixes, including most of the Sonic Adventure OST, some of the Sonic and Knuckles Remix, and user made remixes. If people wish to send me their own remixes, I won’t hesitate to put them up. Keep in mind guys, that the stream level is 56kbps, so if you have a slow connection you will experience skipping. You can tune in at (use Shoutcast, Winamp, XMMS, or use their java player at this link: )

Also, if peeps want to do some advertisements (for both my site and theirs), I’ll gladly put it up unless it’s shamelessly stupid… (actually, I’ll REALLY want to put it up then!). I once again remind you that the files must be at 56kbps. If they are higher, I’ll convert them. Lower? Doesn’t matter.

If you wish to send MP3’s, send them to my xdrive account, (
Username: Prowler1224 (watch the capitalization)
Password: upload

This radio station appears to be a bit more interactive right now, so we will see how this latest bout in Sonic radio goes.