Perfect Chaos Site Returns

Perfect Chaos Site Returns

by June 9, 2000

Sonique’s site is back up at the usual address. Apparently, there was some conflict with the nature of ROMs she had on her site. Perhaps this release from Perfect Chaos should clear things up a bit…

They ( shut it down saying I had a copyright violation, which is anything but true. So, I wrote to them and asked them, “with what files.” and they replied:

Your site was terminated in accordance with our policies, due to various copyrighted software files detected in your account.

Okay, since that was so specific and there were none, (or so I thought) I asked my VAR, Kevin of Inc. (which is the branch off that hosts me) to get a better answer. Their response:

Pirated software was discovered in the account.

Of course, you all know me, I reacted very calmly and civil to this and wrote a polite email to them:

Don’t do this ignore the customer stuff to me, I hate that. There was no pirated software, you must be mistaken. I would do nothing of the sort. If I can have my account back for like 5 days I’ll remove everything and put up an I’ve moved sign or something.

The closest I got to pirated software was those ROMs and they were not pirated because they were FAN MADE, so you can’t say those were illegal.

Hey, come on, that’s pretty nice for me. Anyway, June 9th they restored my account and Scot (own of had this to say:

I’m not ignoring you, I recently had eye surgery and only today have been allowed to go back to work (I’ve had to talk people through doing my job for the last few weeks – very annoying).

The people who I employ to check for policy violations reported that you had illegal software, and were probably confused by the nature of the rom files. I am going to fully restore your account, but I ask that you place a file “permission.txt” in the directory with those software programs and for each file explicitly name the author of the software and give contact information so that your rights to distribute it can be checked. Your account is in danger of being disabled again unless you provide this info and it checks out. For more info on the permission.txt file, please read our policies (link on

Since there really are no owner for these ROMs and I’m not sure who even made them, I played it safe and took them down. Not to worry though, the new site I’m working on will have plenty of ROMs and save states for everyone!

Speaking of that new site, Sonique says it should be much larger than the current one, and might be open as early as next week.