UK Resistance Shut Down

UK Resistance Shut Down

by June 14, 2000

UK:R, the Dreamcast site out of Britain that is infamous for its raunchy content and its Employees of the Week, has been shut down by Telefragged. The Sonic Scene has learned from Perfect Zero that Gary, one of UK:R’s webmasters, said that UK:R content was too much for Telefragged, and they cut it off.

However, this afternoon, I have found a letter from a Telefragged staff member responding to an inquiry of the cut off:

We had gotten a few complaints and it turned out they had violated one of our few rules and that is no porn (nude pictures). We have a zero tolerance policy for porn, warez, mp3’s, and illegal materials. It states this multiple times in our hosting materials.

If you have any questions about this don’t hesitate to ask.

Now, UK:R does have another page to fall back to, but that has not happened yet.