Rlan’s Problem with Microsoft

Rlan’s Problem with Microsoft

by June 20, 2000

Wondering why Rlan has not updated the SFGHQ for the past few days? Here is the problem:

I got home, and went straight onto the net, unfortunately my ISP was screwy at the time, and wasn’t allowing ICQ, AIM, or E-mail download. After A while, it started working again.

Then when checking EST, I found some Anti-Viral software available for download at some site, believe it or not, I don’t have any! my Norton was outdated and destroyed last time I had a virus, and the DOS one AJ Freda has is also out of date. So I downloaded it.

Once downloaded, I started to scan through my C and D drives. When it went to the Windows Folder it came up with:

Infected with something.something.334748something.trojan NOT A VIRUS (rename)

unfortunately, the file it decided to re-name was run.exe, and unfortunately you NEED run.exe to run ANYTHING, so everything stopped working.

I went into DOS and found a way to re-name it back, but now all it does is come up with a message every time I try to get into anything saying the above message.

So It looks like I need to go to my next door neighbour and see if he can give me a copy of run.exe, but I don’t know if I need a certain version or anything. this might take me out of action for a while, but may be done in a small amount of time.

With that, let’s hope that this problem is quickly solved. After all, this has not happened in quite a while.