More Sonic Movie Info from Ken Penders

More Sonic Movie Info from Ken Penders

by June 22, 2000

Penders recently said that fan input would be nil on this new Sonic animated project:

This is what the reality is… Sega wants to do an animated project, preferably a film. Ben wants to do something that incorporates his ideas that would have been used in third season of SatAM had ABC gone through with it. (Incidentally, my then partner Mike and I had a couple of story pitches ready to go at the request of Sega ready to go if that had happened.) Ben and I have spoke on the subject, and he feels the Archie version should be acknowledged to some extent because it has been carrying the torch for Sonic these past seven years or so. My involvement — if any — won’t occur until Ben has at least put together his first draft. The big however is getting someone to commit to the financing first, because it makes no sense to write a script, get an animation studio revved up, and then have no place to go.

There will be no fan input, simply from a production standpoint that it would be impractical. You don’t see the producers of Batman or the X-Men take a fan poll how they should do things. (If they did, nothing would get accomplished.)

As I explained to Pepper when she initially wrote me why SegaSonic won’t be the version used is more due to legal and corporate reasons than anything else. If anything, the more obvious choice for an AMERICAN-made film if it weren’t based on the SatAM or Archie series is the plotline for Sonic Adventure, which would distress the Sally fans, as there would be no Sally, and Amy Rose would probably be reworked into the love interest.

When dealing with corporate Hollywood, the best anyone can hope for is something that vaguely resembles what you enjoyed, ’cause expecting anything more sets you up for huge disappointments. Just wait’ll you hear the howls from X-Men fans whose favorite character is anyone but Wolverine once the new film debuts.