Harding Gets Tough, Other TSC News

Harding Gets Tough, Other TSC News

by June 27, 2000

We start with pretty harsh words from the webmaster of TSC, JD Harding, on his update yesterday:

Some new rules now apply to anyone using information from TSC on their websites. If you plan on doing a news article, taking news from, or taking information from TSC or the TSC discussion board, you MUST link to TSC from your website. No longer will any news posted here be allowed on another site without a link to TSC. No longer will information on the TSC discussion board be used on another site without a link to TSC. Yes, I can do this. It’s called Copyright. News posted here about this site is copyright. Discussion on the board is also copyright unless the original author of the post posts the same article on another board.

That’s a big ouch to news sites out there, especially this one. Though, the Freedom of the Press right that is in America, at any rate, might contradict this. However, with the barrage of new Web laws US Congress has implemented over the past few years, that may not be entirely true anymore; I’ll have to look it up.

Anyway, since I’ve covered my end of the bargain, Harding also expressed this on the TSC Discussion Board on the state of TSC:

No, TSC will not be shutting down. I didn’t make a decision yet on whether or not I wanted to shut the site down, and now everyone’s flipping out over whether or not it will. Even AJ Freda mailed me informing me that I could transfer the domain to him. Yeah right. Like that’ll happen. If I do get rid of this site, I will -sell- it. Domain and all. So please do not ask if you can have it.

But TSC won’t be shutting down, so no one has to worry about that. Instead of a shutdown, I may quit maintaining it for a while. Then when I feel I’m ready to work on it again, I’ll return. Just because I have a bad day doesn’t mean I need to take it out on the site, right?

Also from the TSC Message Board, JD also claims that MP3.com says game music remixes are okay now:

MP3.com said it would be alright. NOW they did, anyway. AFTER the fact. However, there’s still a thing called Publisher copyright. This means the original notes being used in the remix. I would need a mechanical license, or some sort of license from the original composer of the song. Now it’s true if I remix the song so much it sounds nothing like the original that it would be legal as long as I don’t call it my own original song. AND the licensing people don’t honor mechanical licenses for MP3.com due to all the current legal problems MP3.com is having with their my.mp3.com services.

Of course, keep in mind that Blaze Hedgehog, and a few others, have music remixes up at MP3.com, and nothing happened to them. In any case, it has not been the best of days for JD Harding and TSC, and the state of the site. Despite the possible ‘Copyright’ setbacks, we’ll still be following what JD exactly decides.