ChuChu Rocket Credited for Dreamarena Registration Surge

ChuChu Rocket Credited for Dreamarena Registration Surge

by June 29, 2000

The cat and mouse puzzle game is a godsend for the European Dreamcast online aspects, as the title is now in over a hundred thousand homes:

The world’s first online console game- ChuChu Rocket! -has taken claim over 100,000 new homes. Dreamarena, the Dreamcasts exclusive Internet portal has been overloaded by over 100,000 users signing up for the game since the June 9th launch.

Dreamarena currently has over 300,00 users registered and receives over 3 million hits per month. With upcoming games like Quake 3, Phantasy Star Online, and Black and White, the numbers will probably get higher.

JF Cecillon, Sega Europe’s Chief Executive Officer said, “The European gamer, like Sega, recognizes that the future of gaming is online. We have given away OUR product to show our commitment to online gaming, our dedication and vision is clear.”

To get your copy of ChuChu Rocket!, head on over to and check out the instructions.