More of Crimson Fury’s SA2 Theory

More of Crimson Fury’s SA2 Theory

by July 5, 2000

I received two E-Mails today from Crimson Fury about his continuing SA2 theory, and this time he claims the Archie comic give away a big clue:

You can stare at that video all you want. The point is Metal sonic is making a second appearance. OK?? Look at the Archie comics!! They brought back Metal Sonic! There’s a reason they did that. Why? My guess is that they are going along with Sega’s plans for bringing back metal sonic in SA2.

Both Metal Sonics made cameos in SA1, and there’s a reason Sega did that. They were giving us a taste of things to come.

Later in the day…

Look at the cover of Archie comics latest sonic issue #86. Look at the face on it. It’s the side view of Metal Sonic’s face, that looks just like the one at the end of the SA2 video. The eye is exactly the same. It’s also even the left side of his face, just like in the SA2 video. But.. there are things that are for sure not the same.

There is no red stripe along metal Sonic’s face, like in the SA2 video. And his mouth area is silver in the comic, and it’s brown on the SA2 video.

I’m not ruling out the “Sonic clone” theory. All I’m saying is look at the facts we have, and make your own decision.

So, what do you think? Will Metal Sonic make an appearance in SA2? We’ll have a Public Scene poll on this soon, but for now, tell me what you think.