Fan Games Network Opens

Fan Games Network Opens

by July 21, 2000

Today, the Fan Games Network, headed by Rlan, has opened, here is the welcoming message:

Finally, the SSRG’s new partner has opened up and is ready to roll. basically, FGN is the same type of bizz that SSRG is, hosting sites! The Difference? This is based completely on Fan Games! but not just Sonic, but Mario, Megaman and many more as well!

At the moment, we only have Sonic the hedgehog sites but we hope to create sections on the likes of Mario, Megaman, Pokemon, and many other sources. If you want to become part of the Fan game Network, e-mail me with a description of what you want to create that’ll strengthen what FGN is. If you already have a page, tell me the URL, and I’ll go over it, and think about it. What we’d really like is someone who’s keen enough to do a site, similar to Sonic Fan Games HQ, but as a Megaman, Mario & friends (or Shigeru Myomoto games), Pokemon and “others” section. An Others section would contain games and sprites of character which don’t have much of a fan-base at this moment, such as Ristar and Kirby. If your interested, e-mail me at the above address.

Right now, it’s basically Sonic fan games and projects, hopefully that will change as time progresses.