Ultra to Steal SFGHQ Material after Hack Accusations?

Ultra to Steal SFGHQ Material after Hack Accusations?

by July 31, 2000

Since the Emulation Zone Hack Attack, Ultra the Vampire now has plans to move the MMDG somewhere else, and Vitalize the SFGHQ’s sprites and how-tos, a ripoff of the Fan Games HQ’s material.  Rlan posted this news on the SFGHQ Message Board early this morning:

If you’ve just read “Kool Idea” by Ultra the Vampire, you would have noticed that Ultra is taking every God damn Sprite off my page, and calling it his own. Basically the only difference is Vitalizing the stuff instead. BUT He’s told me that He’ll even Get the Zip files and put them too. THIS IS A BLATANT COPY OF THE BEST OF SFGHQ!

He now even says he’s taking the how-tos as well!

Here’s a passage from ICQ

Rlan 31/07/00 4:58 PM So basically, your gonna rip all the sprites I’ve humbly got, Vitalize them, and put them up? or Vitalize AND put the actual sprite up?

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:00 PM No, I’m not gonna rip them, I have them.

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:01 PM They’re already Vitalized

Rlan 31/07/00 5:01 PM Yes, but FROM my site.  So is it JUST going to be Vitalized? Or
Vitalized And have my files up there?

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:02 PM most are already on my new server, vitalized and a link to your site to get the sprites (probably not) or just have a link to sprites uploaded on my server.

Rlan 31/07/00 5:04 PM Please just have them Vitalized, Putting them on your server would just be unfair, I’ve taken my hard earned time to create such a library, and a copy of it is just unfair.
If you wanted, you could have the vitalized versions, THEN a link to the appropriate page
(Sonics page etc) on SFGHQ for the download.

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:06 PM maybe but first i have to iron out the server problems I’m having, too many files I needed are still on that damn MMDG account on Emulation Zone.

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:07 PM FAIR?? when did anything become fair?? I tried being fair and I almost lost MMDG.

Rlan 31/07/00 5:10 PM Hey! It’s not my fault you’re in the courtroom on trial at the moment! Taking over what would be over 20 hours of work on that page is not fair, the evidence is towards you, that’s not my problem.

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:12 PM I didn’t do it!  The least you could have done was say something in my defense to Andy.

Rlan 31/07/00 5:13 PM I did! I said “It’s hard to believe if UV did such a thing”, but Andy does make a convincing argument.  How do you suppose you’re going to clear your name?

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:13 PM I’ll make this short and simple, the files are going there, they will be Vitalized, and the zips will be there too, the only pages that will have any links to your sprites are the Vitalized versions of your sprites, and I don’t even ferl like uploading those so don’t
expect seeing a link to you anywhere in the future.

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:14 PM ??? That’s not in my defense! that’s just how you see things.

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:14 PM Simple. Find out who did it.

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:16 PM Look let’s compromise.

Rlan 31/07/00 5:16 PM A) Thats evil, I’ve put heaps of work in that page! I want it kept to myself! You don’t just completely copy a page and then say “It’s mine” do you? That’s a very stupid thing to do!
B)No, You claim I do. I’m still open to suggestion why and who, did the attack. You’re the suspect at the moment! geez!

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:17 PM You don’t trust me, and I don’t trust you. (That’s cool with me)

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:17 PM But let’s put that aside for the moment.

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:18 PM I have something of yours and you have something of mine.

Rlan 31/07/00 5:18 PM Look, I don’t know what to friken trust, K??  Geez.. you’d be edgy and pointing fingers if your site was completely deleted wouldn’t you? I had put 300 hours into that, And all lost in a second, how would YOU feel?!

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:19 PM Andy only seems to be listening to you at the moment, make sure he doesn’t delete mine for at least 4 days.

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:19 PM Not totally bad, ’cause I always back my site on my HD.

Rlan 31/07/00 5:19 PM I only see him every now and again, YOU are responsible for your page, YOU must ask him

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:20 PM I tried, he won’t listen.

Rlan 31/07/00 5:20 PM I Have a complete back-up of all my HTML and pictures. NOT the zips.

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:20 PM You don’t???

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:21 PM I do. it doesn’t take to long, only  2 weeks, or 6 days if you leave your comp. on all night.

Rlan 31/07/00 5:21 PM No! THAT’S why I felt bad! What Andy had given as evidence made me feel BETRAYED! How would you feel eh?

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:22 PM That’s why nobody had real accounts at MMDG. Just sub-accounts.

Rlan 31/07/00 5:23 PM That’s for their SECTIONS. You took care of all of them while I was away

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:24 PM So what we have here is 2 things.
1. Me (uploading Vitalized sprites and games as we speak)
2. You (pissed off owner of SFGHQ)

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:24 PM Took care of what?? I hardly worked on MMDG! I usually worked on your site!

Rlan 31/07/00 5:24 PM BTW, Vitalized games is ripping off Mike of SONlines idea.

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:25 PM no it’s not, I’ve been had the idea. (I guess you’ve never been to the Megacade)

Rlan 31/07/00 5:26 PM Yeah? HOW? You updated about 5 times in the entire time you were there. That’s not exactly what I do is it? I update EVERYDAY! I’ve pretty much put 6 hours a day into the site!

Rlan 31/07/00 5:26 PM Megacade was up after SONline

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:26 PM Most of the time I uploaded files I was too lazy to update.

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:27 PM There’s a few you still don’t know about, like the sonic 3d BGs. They’ve been there for a long time.

Rlan 31/07/00 5:27 PM Exactly what were you uploading?

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:27 PM Stuff people sent you for the site.

Rlan 31/07/00 5:27 PM Is that because you keep looking into my e-mail?

Ultra The 31/07/00 5:27 PM Like the games and sprites and stuff.

Rlan 31/07/00 5:29 PM What Sonic 3D background are we talking about?!

…Ultra The 31/07/00 9:04 PM I’ve made a decision.  Not only will the Megacade have Vitalized
sprites and games (with their respective files uploaded to) it will also have BGs and how-tos there also!!!

Rlan 31/07/00 9:04 PM That’s truly unfair Ultra.

Rlan 31/07/00 9:07 PM Actually very unfair You’re taking the best part of my site and
calling it your own! It’s moronic.

Ultra The 31/07/00 9:08 PM no I’m not, your name will be in the fine print (that tiny print at the bottom of Megacade
index page)

Rlan 31/07/00 9:08 PM **rolls eyes** Oh gee.. THAT’S going to make up for making a copy of the best part of SFGHQ.

Ultra The 31/07/00 9:11 PM I’m not copying, I’m mirroring. (I like to call it selective reasoning)

Rlan 31/07/00 9:11 PM Oh Please. A Mirror of something without a link to the actual site. Riiiiight..

Ultra The 31/07/00 9:13 PM I will also have Vitalized interviews I made a few for SFGHQ but it seems you don’t need them so I’ll use them, also Vitalized reviews.

Ultra The 31/07/00 9:13 PM There will be a link to your site, in the site’s list.

Rlan 31/07/00 9:14 PM Oh Pa-LEASE, for everything. This is stupid. You’re blatantly copying MY site for everything it’s worth. Admit it!

Ultra The 31/07/00 9:16 PM Copying is such a harsh word, I like to use “selective reasoning”.
And no, I’ve been working on it for some time now but I never got around to doing it, I was
always working on SFGHQ and MMDG-ZA and the original MMDG. but I’m not anymore so I got
the time to actually get some work done.

…Ultra The 31/07/00 9:31 PM Have you thought about it?

Rlan 31/07/00 9:31 PM About what? That you’re copying my site for no
apparent reason?!

Ultra The 31/07/00 9:33 PM Please, “selective reasoning”. Could you answer a few questions:
1. How do you feel about it?
2. Can you do anything about it?
There’s more……….

Ultra The 31/07/00 9:36 PM Answer the questions.

Rlan 31/07/00 9:37 PM 1. How do you feel about it?

I feel very pissed off and annoyed at you, THIS is a stab in the back. Hurtful wrongdoing. I feel more towards that you were guilty now.

2. Can you do anything about it?

Try to ruin your reputation.

Ultra The 31/07/00 9:40 PM Tsk Tsk.
3. Who has the power here? (I can answer this, me)  I’m the admin here. Now think about there is nothing really you can do, this is exactly how I felt when I came back and found out my pass was changed and then people started blaming me for something I
didn’t do. just think about it.

Now tell me.. IS THIS FAIR?! NO! I’ve put my hard earned work into creating this, and he’s copying it. I remember YarHarHar of SSNTails talking about how Ultra could of hacked SFGHQ and come back as the savior. Oh how I seem to believe that more now.

About three minutes later, another ICQ passage was posted:

Rlan 31/07/00 9:40 PM SO WHY TAKE IT OUT ON ME?!

…Ultra The 31/07/00 9:44 PM The way you’re acting about it, I tried talking about it to you already; you ignored me; I tried talking to Andy; he ignored me; then you and him were picking apart MMDG??? Most of the sub-accounts are deleted anyways.

Rlan 31/07/00 9:44 PM I wasn’t picking apart MMDG! I never had been. If this is about asking for your password, It was because I wanted to get those damn Ristar Games you kept giving me dead links to

Ultra The 31/07/00 9:46 PM All I know is I came back from vacation (I had to cancel it because of all this stuff) and you on the MB saying if anybody has a sub-account mail Andy and he will give it to you, and this hacker $hit. Nobody from SFGHQ or the Sonic community had a
sub-account on MMDG.

Ultra The 31/07/00 9:47 PM And then people are calling me jealous and saying I ripoff sites?

Rlan 31/07/00 9:47 PM Well sooooory. Andy asked me to post that! HE DOESN’T HAVE AN EZBOARD ACCOUNT!

Ultra The 31/07/00 9:47 PM If that’s the case I might as well rip off sites then.

Rlan 31/07/00 9:47 PM Well you’re ripping off this one aren’t you?

Ultra The 31/07/00 9:48 PM Now yes.

Ultra The 31/07/00 9:48 PM It seems I have no choice.

Ultra The 31/07/00 9:50 PM Everyone seems to be against me. First I get a broken game in my e-mail that doesn’t even work, then I get blamed for stuff. I don’t need this stuff, it’s just easier to just be what people think of me. They think I ripoff sites? then I’ll ripoff sites. SONline, FGN, SFGHQ, Emulation Zone. I’ll rip them all off.

We will continue to follow this situation as it develops.  It doesn’t look like we’ll see the end of Ultra for a while.