SAGE Qualifications Clarified

SAGE Qualifications Clarified

by August 8, 2000

Take note, fan game developers who might want to showcase their titles at SAGE.  On the SFGHQ Message Board today, a forumer asked a few questions, in particular whether there was a size limit to material posted, and whether videos, and Vitalized material were allowed.  Here is the response of Blaze Hedgehog, the person who is organizing it all.

Do whatever you want to, really. It’s your booth. Just keep the usual stuff low, personally I said there was a 15MB limit, but if AJ says go for it, I guess it’s OK with me.

Everything is basically OK, as long as it promotes you game, do whatever— Vitalize, Flash, videos… sprites of your characters doing the Macarena, and it doesn’t matter how far along it is. It could be 0%, frankly. Even if it’s just an idea in your head, and maybe a sketch on a napkin, it can go in the booth…

So, for those with ideas in your head, this could be prime time to show it to the Sonic fan community.