SAGE Officially Opening Soon?

SAGE Officially Opening Soon?

by August 9, 2000

Blaze Hedgehog posted this announcement on the SFGHQ Message Board today:

The registration for the FATED HOUR website took ages; but as of yesterday I already got my “confirmation” email…

This might mean one of two things: The SAGE site will open sooner than I expected. or…

I’m just goofy and it still won’t open for a good week now.

It wasn’t supposed to OFFICIALLY open until I got the domain name, but it’s already been proven that the URL is being spread around the internet.

But I guess that’s the way it is, eh? It’s open to all SFGers before it’s open to the public. ^_^ You guys do get certain privileges, after all.. AND, the SAGE banner is floating around LinkExchange. (I’m going to sign up for more banner adverts, anyone have any good ideas? – Beseen I’ve already got in mind, and hopefully Bravenet has one too – The Sonic Exchange is down for now, so scratch that [Although, I do have an account for that for my STHICN site, I could just trade banners]).

Anyways, Sooner or later, I’ll be posting a example of what the SAGE frameset looks like, so you know what you’ll be able to work with. Also, I should stick up a “members only” section. In which case, I need an email address from all entrants.

Also, make sure you check the site incase there is an error (Like, you’ve backed out– in which case you should use the form on the site itself to be removed from the event).

For those of you who don’t know, the SAGE website is at — it’s official Web address will be , but that’s when Namezero gets it’s crap together.