Statements on SFGHQ / EST Released

Statements on SFGHQ / EST Released

by August 13, 2000

I emailed Daniel Russell and Rlan to get some feedback concerning the annouced merger. Here’s what they had to say:

We first hear from Rlan who said:

Basically, SFGHQ will remain the same loving place we all know of. But Aytac AKSU is working on a new look for the page (some people hate SFGHQ’s design, others hated ESTs) and that both Daniel and Aytac will help update with me. Sections which were found on EST will now appear on SFGHQ.

And from Daniel Russell:

The merge will take place once Aytac has finished the new design for SFGHQ or when Rlan does something with the FTP. Although EST is closed down, I am still part of SonicNEXT, and EST is staying up for viewing, only it wont be updated after SCR is uploaded. I am still controlling the projects section with Vector and running the fanmade section with Aytac.”