Fan-Made Sonic Trading Card Game in the Works

Fan-Made Sonic Trading Card Game in the Works

by August 20, 2000

Were you part of the Magic: The Gathering craze? Well, now you can relive those fond memories of intense memorization with the new Sonic TCG that is in the works from renowned MIDI composer Jarel Jones, Andy Verner, our resident fan artist Ocky and more! Here’s what it’s all about:

The Sonic the Hedgehog Official Trading Card game is just that . . . a trading card game (or TCG) based on Sonic the Hedgehog. The continuity, however, will not be based on anything but Segasonic (The official continuity set by the Sonic Team, the programmers of the official Sonic games), not the Archie Comics continuity, not the Sonic the Comic continuity, not the saturday morning continuity, not the syndicated continuity, and definitely not the Sonic Underground continuity. Just what has been set by games and stories created officially by the Sonic Team.

We have created the TCG with the idea in my mind that playing it will be akin to playing one of the games, with some of the same obsticals and such in card form. We hope that, when you play the card game, it will give you the same feeling playing the games did.

The TCG will be in the form of a computer program, we will not be distributing actual cards.