SU-TV.Net’s Thames Involved in Car Crash, 2 Killed

SU-TV.Net’s Thames Involved in Car Crash, 2 Killed

by August 29, 2000

Now, I know what you’re thinking…this is a Sonic and Sega website. But, because we care about Sonic fans, and this appears to not be well known around the Sonic community, I will report it.

Shayne Thames, the person best known for transferring SonicTeam.Com to Yuji Naka, was involved in a serious car crash in Eagle Lake Saturday, in which two teenagers were killed. I’m not joking.

Thames, in a 1999 Nissan minivan, could not avoid a Ford Festiva running a red light, and collided with it. Two people in the Festiva, 15 year old Alex Carrillo and 13 year old Johnnie Hargrove, were killed. Apparently, they were not wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash. The driver of the Festiva, Rodolfo Vazquez, 19, and Robert Bain, 17, were injured, treated, and released. But a fifth person in the Festiva, Juan Alvaraudo, is in critical condition as of late Saturday.

Shayne’s mother, Sharon, was treated for a sore back and arm, Shayne herself was also injured, she has a burn on her arm and an unstable knee and heel. Another passenger in the Nissan, Kathryn Shiver, was also injured.

Shayne says charges might be filed against her for a simple traffic violation, and that was not yielding to a yellow light. Vazquez could face more serious ones, specifically running a red light and failure to wear a seatbelt.

One thing to note, the speed limit on most roads in Florida is 65, and 70 in interstates. Again, Shayne is okay, despite some minor injuries, but two people are dead after this collision.