JD Harding Updates Music, MUCKs

JD Harding Updates Music, MUCKs

by August 31, 2000

JD has put back up his MP3.com site, with game music remixes intact. Also, he gives the Sonic Scene an update on MUCKs:

After the shutdown of MobiusMUCK, the MUCK I once was an administrator on, I’ve been working on the MUCK I had said on TSC that I was planning on doing. The MUCK is actually online now, but not made public yet. I’m looking for some MUF programmers to build a couple programs for the MUCK. Unlike other Sonic MUCKs, I plan to lean closer to an ‘anime-style’ Sonic based MUCK, and less towards a SatAM/Comic-styled one like so many others have been based on. I’ll give you more info when I have it, but right now my big concern is finding a good MUF programmer for the MUCK.

Also, I uploaded my game music to MP3.com again. For any game music fans who want to download the tunes, they’re at http://www.mp3.com/jdharding

The legal problems before were fixed. There shouldn’t be any legality problems now. I won’t be going into detail on that.