Returns Returns

by September 2, 2000

Well, kind of…it happened last Tuesday, when Fernando Mosquera decided to revive the page somewhat. Here is his re-opening statement:

Hello there, hope everyone out in Internet-land is doing well, though I can’t imagine you’re that well if you’ve logged in here. Come on guys, there hasn’t been anything interesting at this URL since September! I’ve finally decided to update again, but I’m not sure what will exactly go up on here – it can’t be what it used to be here because that would be a conflict of interest with my current employer. I’ll come up with something eventually… 

You may remember that this domain hosted some really neat affiliates; well, guess what, some of those guys are still online under their own domain names! UK: Resistance is now up at, nicely hosted by the folks at Old Man Murray; Gary and Jon have maintained their trademark wit and laziness rather well I might add. 

SegaNet’s Media Page now goes by the Perfect Zero moniker, though their domain is currently experiencing router problems – no worries, you can still access all the files at their temporary address. Dee and Azel have really done a number on the page too, adding a lot of great features to contemplate the already stellar file line-up… it’s a shame you can’t see that now, but you can still get at those files. Dee’s promising a re-launch of the full-blown site shortly, complete with some unique and interesting content (if the early design work pans out, it’ll be quite a treat). 

As far as I know, Romar’s Game Basic page has gone bye bye, which is extremely sad as I don’t think any complete Western developed projects were ever publicized on the page. I’m hoping and guessing that old Romar is currently toying around with amateur Dreamcast development or perhaps that he has even gotten a full-time job engaging enough to keep him from coding in his spare time. 

Well that’s it for now, I’ll see if what sort of site ideas I can come up with and go from there; until the next time, take it easy and have fun!