SAGE 2000 Officially Open

SAGE 2000 Officially Open

by September 9, 2000

Indeed it is…it happened early this morning, and here’s Blaze Hedgehog’s opening statement:

Clock strikes Midnight, and here I am. Never before I have worked so hard and so long in my entire life than this night. And I’ve realized I need to stop whining. SAGE is doing well enough for me. If anything on the site isn’t working, forgive me, for it must still be uploading (I’m cutting this down to the wire folks). In fact, right now it’s 10:26PM on Sept 8th that I’m writing this. (I’m doing it ahead of time) So that I have it ready.

On a further note, all booths will open. Not just the planned batch. Due to such little support I got, all 12 or so booths will open RIGHT NOW, and stay open for the 3 days.

Well, I gotta go. Still lots of stuff to do! (If you notice, a lot of Blazefire Production’s Booth is not operating… that’s my fault. Give it an hour or two and it’ll be up!)

Coverage of SAGE begins right here, right now. We will bring you all the information of every single game that is shown over the next three days, plus reaction from the fans.