GameFan Network Shuts Down

GameFan Network Shuts Down

by October 6, 2000

If you’re wondering why you can’t access, it’s because their merger with means something had to give. Unfortunately, it’s going to be the Gamefan Network, home of many reputable sites, including Sega Zone, our former host, and our affiliate Shadow of Light. This notice was sent out early this week:

RE: Courtesy Hosting Services

Dear GameFan Network Associate:

We regret to inform you that will no longer be offering the courtesy of hosting services to its GameFan Network Associates. We have found that this service can no longer be supported under our business model, and we will do whatever we can within reason to facilitate any transitional requirements. The timing for this is as soon as possible, and is to occur no later than Monday, October 2, 2000. To be clear, any GameFan Network Associate site that has not been moved off Genuity s servers by 11:59 PM October 2nd will effectively be shut down, so it is critical that you take independent action to retrieve and independently procure hosting provider for your site(s).