AGES Releases Working Sega CD Emulator

AGES Releases Working Sega CD Emulator

by October 15, 2000

I received this letter today via Andy Wolan from a follower of the emulation scene in Germany, named Christian Schiller. He brings news that AGES, the team that brought us a working 32X emulator, has now created a working emulator for the Sega CD:

Jeffrey Quinn has just released version 0.22a (aka “Borg”) of his Sega Genesis/32X emulator WinAGES, with support for playing Sega CD games – this is truly a milestone in the history of Sega emulation!

…As one of the premiere Sega sites on the net which always had a special focus on the Sega CD, Eidolon’s Inn has prepared an extensive special feature accompanying the release of WinAGES Borg. You will find an easy-to-read “getting started” tutorial, an extensive compatibility list (180 Sega CD games tested!) and an excellent background article…about the history of the Sega CD, as well as some other goodies.

You can go here to see the homepage of AGES, and here to access Eidolon’s Inn.