Dreamcast Gaming Clan Forming

Dreamcast Gaming Clan Forming

by October 15, 2000

Sonic3D40 sent this E-Mail to me today; he’s starting up a new Dreamcast clan:

…Sonic United has formed something you can call a Dreamcast Clan. They play online-compatable games together. But what about battles? Why not fight OTHER “clans?” So I formed my own clan.

Introducing Ed40_InFeSt_TeAm. If we get AT LEAST 20 people in this team, we can start. So far, we have 4 people. Not bad, but we need to get more!

This is free. 99.9% err… I mean 100%. All you need is an ISP that would work on a Dreamcast. (ANY dial-up modem ISP that’s NOT AOL)

If you want to sign up, or are just interesting in more info, head to the team’s main homepage.