Jet Grind Radio SF Contest Details

Jet Grind Radio SF Contest Details

by October 23, 2000

IGN DC’s Brandon Justice was there, here are some details:

Amidst a sea of skate punks and T.V. reporters, 5 contestants battled it out for a $5,000 purse and certain bragging rights on their home turf. It was a wild afternoon, featuring everything from an in-line skating competition to the Mobile Assault Tour, complete with all the latest Sega games. There was even a make-shift Sega Scream contest for a free Dreamcast.

Of course, Jet Grind Radio took center stage in the gaming column, and the real main event was the graffiti contest. Despite San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown’s attempts to move the event, which took place mere blocks away from the city’s planned weekend graffiti clean-up, outside of the city, eventually he and Sega came to an agreement regarding the contest, and the show went on.

Though Mayor Brown did not show up at the event, several workers who were part of the community service clean-up stopped by the event to check out the artists and their work, and a city official spoke at the event, noting that the artist involved certainly displayed talent worth appreciating.