PS2 Launch Woes Detailed

PS2 Launch Woes Detailed

by October 24, 2000

From FGN Online:

One store manager rightly commented that the Electronic Boutiques and other retailing big-boys will revel in the PS2 launch because they have the buying power, “…but small retailers do not. Our group of stores had intended on ordering 200 PS2s, then we went down to 96. We now plan on getting eight PS2s for launch (for five stores — my store will get one). And yes, most of our distributors have game buying requirements and stipulations for every unit ordered. We simply can not do this.”

Another retailer divulged, “In my store in Canada, we had 192 pre-orders but we will be getting, get this, a whopping two systems.”

The worry is also in Southern California, “Getting a PS2 is very difficult knowing we have to either take a unit for ridiculously more than $299 (more near the $400 range). Plus, no PS2 unit is coming to us without a large quantity of games behind it. How are we going to sell those titles with only a few machines being sold?”

Another store worker piped, “I work at a videogame store and a certain distributor in New York is making us buy 20 games and one PS2 for $1200. We declined. A certain distributor in Ohio is making us buy 15 games and one has to be Fantavision. And a Californian distributor is making us buy three DVD movies, a memory card, an extra controller and ten games for each PS2 we want. I am sad to say that not only were we unable to get all out pre-orders covered, but any extra systems will force us to sell at a higher retail rate than every one else.”

Some consumers have already experienced pre-order disappointment, one gamer (said), “My retailer called me yesterday to say that despite my prepaid order, I will not be receiving a PS2 on launch day. Instead, I may have to wait until Thanksgiving. This, after months of waiting in near fevered anticipation for what I thought would be the greatest console launch of all time.”

Sony has since denied that they are using bad business tactics to stir a Furby-esque hype around the console. The launch it Thursday, it should be a big day for Sega fans…will the public succumb to the hype? We’ll see.