SRB2 Halloween v.1.32 Released

SRB2 Halloween v.1.32 Released

by October 28, 2000

AJ Freda announced the release on the STJR Message Board today. Sonikku quickly jumped in with what’s new on this version:

This is the same engine build as SRB2:HT last year. ‘Why the heck bother?’ then – this engine is 99.99% flawless, making a Windows version possible, along with the netplay capabilities.

Including is a new level – this is designed for multiplayer. You can play it in Single Player, of course, but play it in multiplayer how you wish – Ring Attack (See who can get the most rings), Race mode (see who can race through the level) etc. – if you have someone else’s IP, you can play each other over the Net. Hurray!

In any case, this is more of a preview of the Netplay and Windows version. If anyone wants a game, we’ll have to see about setting up a server!