Europe: Bad Sega Promos Across Atlantic?

Europe: Bad Sega Promos Across Atlantic?

by December 22, 2000

The Flying Fox sent me this E-Mail; interesting info lies within:

Firstly, Sega’s internet portal Dreamareana has expanded. There is now a new music section to Dreamareana called Dreamsounds. Dreamareana started improving ever since they gave it a facelift in September and added a movie section, Dreamscreens (in association with Virgin Net) soon after.

Dreamsounds (in association with DotMusic) is another step in Dreamareana’s aim to make it a full experience to browse and a reason to linger around. Soon to be up is Dreamsports dealing with…oh I think you can guess. It was mat to be up on the 20th but I checked and it wasn’t there. With all these new sections, Dreamareana is bound to be attracting more people with these interests.

Secondly, on my Dreamcast EMail account, I found this:

from: *Confidential*

To: *Confidential*

Subject: Free Top Dreamcast game

Title: Free Top Dreamcast game.

Hi Dreamer,

Want to get Virtua Tennis, MSR or another top game for free? Find out how!

Sega has teamed up with Electronics Boutique to bring you a great offer. Simply show a mate how fantastic your Dreamcast is, and when they buy a superb Dreamcast bundle with four free games for GBP149.99 from Electronics Boutique, we’ll send you a free top Dreamcast game. Choose from:

* Space Channel 5

* Virtua Tennis

* Metropolis Street Racer

* Sega Extreme Sports

* Virtua Athlete 2K

To qualify for this great offer, simply reply to this email by Tuesday 2nd January 2001 and we’ll send you the vouchers that you and your mate needs to take advantage of this offer.

(offer ends 31st January 2001)

I thought that it was slightly dirty advertising but I still wanted in so I replied. Now, if only I could find someone who I can covince to buy Dreamcast with the voucher before February…….
On second thoughts, I think the offer is pretty clever.