Latest on Sonic 2: Robotnik’s Revenge

Latest on Sonic 2: Robotnik’s Revenge

by December 28, 2000

YarHarHar posted this notice on the SFGHQ MB yesterday:

First off, some news on S2:RR

Engine organization/optimization is coming along pretty well; I’ve already reduced the .exe size by 25%, much more is still to come, although once my engine is optimized, progress on more features (ie hills, loops, curves, etc) will be VERY quick. I’m still deciding on whether or not to use D3D, most likely it will not slow the game down and actually speed it up. I’ll tell everyone what happens when it does.

However, due to me getting a lot of X-Mas presents and going on a vacation out of state, work on S2:RR will probably be suspended for a few days to a week.

On another note, I’m looking for very good MIDI makers and graphic artists (IE able to make graphics as good as my Dust Hill ones); if you think you are that good, send me a sample of your material and if you’re good enough, I’ll tell you my plans to see if you’re interested.