Sonic 3 Beta Discovery a New Years Hoax

Sonic 3 Beta Discovery a New Years Hoax

by January 1, 2001

Rocket of the SSRG posted on the STH Area 51 MB that a late Sonic 3 Beta was found on a Chinese ROM site, with small differences. Now, Rocket has come clean with the truth:

Ok, I wanted this to go on for as long as possible until somebody figured it out and blabbed, but I see this isn’t going to happen, so to save all the confusion, I hacked Sonic 3 to make this beta hoax. It’s not real. I’m terribly sorry about this — I didn’t know I would make THIS many people believe it was real! Only Stealth and Sonicblur figured it out — nobody else didn’t!

This was actually started a year ago and I searched for information and to see how good I could make something seem real (just for enjoyment and the heck of it). I looked at various Sonic 3 beta snapshots and had everything pretty much working from them. Though, before I released this, I put the snowboard back in Ice Cap cause that was available in late releases — thus explaining why he runs instead of falling. Anyway, I suppose the hype will stop now =( But I want everyone to realize that they CAN accomplish cool things by hacking — the reason why I encourage people to hack Sonic ROMs. Perhaps somebody else will make a ROM hoax that will be convincing!

Now, forumers on the STH Area 51 board are lashing out at the current SSRG maintainer. Rocket has since apologized for the New Year’s joke.