Sega Undergoing Serious Reconstruction

Sega Undergoing Serious Reconstruction

by January 24, 2001

Depending on your viewpoint, today is either the lowest or highest day in Sega’s history. Sega of Japan confirmed this morning that major changes are underway at the company.

First, a complete overhaul of Dreamcast production, sales, and distribution is planned. The DC will continue to be supported, at least through this year, with more than a hundred software titles. Also, Sega will continue to pursue implementing DC technology in devices such as PCs and set top boxes.

But here’s the shocker–Sega is in talks to produce games for the Playstation 2 and the Game Boy Advance. This appears to be CONFIRMED information. What is not confirmed right now is how many titles are in the works. We have heard that at least five or more PS2 projects are in development right now.

Now, the big question–will Sega declare the Dreamcast dead? Some reports are saying no, others are saying yes. Sega of Europe says that after April at the latest, the company will cease production of the standard DC system, and focus more on software and implementing DC technology into a special set top box system with the help of company Pace.

We will deliver to you the latest information on this when we get it. This may be the most important Sega related story in many years, so check back for updates, especially since Sega of America has not commented yet in light of recent developments.