Radical Changes at DC Tech Pages

Radical Changes at DC Tech Pages

by February 2, 2001

The fan fallout of Sega’s announcement continues…this time, Dural has announced that he will step down as administrator of the wildly popular DC Tech Pages message board, and that the board will become independent from the actual Tech Pages. Here’s his announcement:

Some changes will be occurring with the board. I talked with Andrew, the guy who hosts this site on his server, and I will not have anything to do with moderating or looking after this board anymore. That means any future registration will also not be handled by me, and the rules will be whatever Andrew wants them to be. Andrew’s board name is “Joe Musashi”, and he is already one of the board moderators.

The board will no longer be associated with Dreamcast Technical Pages. Early next week I will remove all links to the message board from my website even though the board will continue to be hosted at the same address. If you want access to the board, then you better bookmark this URL:

The name of the message board will also no longer be called Dreamcast Technical Pages BB, and will receive a new name.

Dreamcast Technical Pages will continue to be hosted at:
http://www.segatech.com/ if you want to read the information that is there.

The past three weeks, I have been working on the site, and have updated the design of site, added new articles, and updated the Dreamcast sections, which were very out of date. It still needs more work, and I hope to have the new site up in the next few days. The information of course will be largely for historical purposes, considering the recent announcement.

I guess you want to know why I am doing this, and it’s because of a number of reasons. Largely I am tired of this place in the sense the responsibility I have in running it, and also I want to move on to other things. This board consumes a lot of my time, and I want to devote that time to other things. I guess I don’t have to be the SEGA advocate anymore.

I will continue to be a member of this board, but like you guys, I can be banned for not following what ever rules that Andrew sets for the place. I will have no power here at all, as of tomorrow, I will remove those rights from my account, and Andrew will be given those rights.

I just like to say, that the past three years have had many ups and downs, and I want to thank you guys for a lot of great moments. I met a lot of great people through this board, and I really enjoyed communicating with you all. Thank you for a great time. I wish you all the very best.