Sonic 2: Robotnik’s Revenge Axed

Sonic 2: Robotnik’s Revenge Axed

by February 2, 2001

From YarHarHar on the SFGHQ Message Board:

Yes, it’s true. No, this is not a joke, it is getting canceled. Is it due to the Sega Fallout stuff? No. I’ve been going over canceling it nearly since it started to do well.

Frankly, S2:RR has been bothering me ever since I realized I could make decent games in C++. I made a commitment to it that I realized I shouldn’t have. Frankly, I want to work on original games now, something I can really take credit and pride for. A Sonic game is not something that is truly original. S2:RR has basically been holding me back. I’ve wanted to make a Yarharhar game for some time, and at first it was “After S2:RR I’ll do it”. But now I realize that I can’t wait that long.

Part of the problem is S2:RR’s engine. While I have the knowledge to finish S2:RR, it’s going to take too long for too little payback. When I first started coding, I will still learning a lot, and still had a lot to learn(still do). My main mistake was using too many quick fixes, and having horribly confusing code. I started to go back and comment it, but it is still too much of a pain in the @#%$ to do. It would be faster for me to just go and simply remake the engine..but that leads to my next point..why?

Why should I go and do another engine for a game that I can’t take much credit for or do much with. It’s Sonic, it’s been done. I have the knowledge to make a much better game now, and I should use it to make an original one.

I’m leaving the Sonic fan community, and I just hope you guys can take this maturely. A new Yarsoft webpage should be up at in the next few days if you guys are interested in my new game projects. I hope you will be. It’s not Sonic, but that’s the point. It’s going to be my creation(s). I can assure you they will be fun and original. Maybe I’ll get a fan following like Sonic Team’s one day.