BlazeFire’s Plans After SAGE

BlazeFire’s Plans After SAGE

by March 5, 2001

Blaze Hedgehog posted this news relating to his life, and his upcoming fan games on the SFGHQ MB:

I decided I better lay out the plans here and now, before I forget them.

1) The Fated Hour

Of course. This will be finished. The things that are left to do:

– Finish my new Sprite

– Work out some of the last story details

– Fix Ring Loss

– Tweak Grinding

– Finish Collision Detection, hopefully

– Make the actual game levels

2) My Job

I’m 17, almost 18, and people around me are starting to complain about my lack of cashflow. Therefore, as I’ve already gotten the green light from ZTnet, Blazefire Radio’s new site will feature a STORE option. Inside the store, you will be able to purchase a varity of stuff. “Like what” you ask?

Blazefire Radio T-shirts. DJ9000. The BFR logo. Etc. Japanese Saying T-shirts. Basic Japanese Phrases printed on T-shirts. Plus mousepads, coffee mugs, etc. Plus, I’m going to link up with (Already been greenlighted for that as well) and sell Videogame merchandise (Consoles, games, etc)

3) See about getting Sonic Infinity finished and released. 🙂 (As for Eternity, who knows?)

…5) BVF Generation 2

“Generation 2” will feature better audio compression. (“What Audio Compression?” reverbs from the audience) Well, let me put it this way. Right now I have 3 video files on my HD.

1) gorgeous1.avi (57 seconds long, 8.78MB)

2) newvideo1.bvf (57 seconds long, 6.23MB)

3) newvideo2.bvf (57 seconds long, 5.35MB)

#2 uses standard bvf compression (ie – zip), #3 uses a new system. I mentioned it earlier. But it requires a bit more work than normal conversion. Basically it takes the standard audio track of the AVI, and MP3-izes it. Hopefully I can get it operating correctly in the end.

6) Fangames I haven’t mentioned. They might/might not be finished.