XBOX Development by Sega a Go?

XBOX Development by Sega a Go?

by March 25, 2001

CVG is reporting that the keynote speech at the Tokyo Game Show, given by Bill Gates, will be focusing on a heavy partnership with Sega, as well as the Japanese video game market in general. Virtua Fighter 4 may be confirmed for the machine as well. However, a potentially contradicting viewpoint is given by a DCTP member, who we will keep anonymous in case this breaks NDA rules, who saw the X-Box presentation at the Game Developer’s Conference:

Bottom line : everything will be announced at TGS.

Rumors were squashed.

And a magazine cover stating that Sonic will head to XBOX was laughed about…

To me looks like a smoke presentation to make TGS/E3 media combo more powerful.

Nonetheless, XBOX IS VERY POWERFULL, still, IT IS THE GAMES THAT MATTER, and on that matter im still more excited buy my coming GBA than (XBOX).

We’ll keep you updated as the TGS approaches.