SA2: New Information

SA2: New Information

by April 5, 2001

In addition to Neon’s previous report today, there is new information coming out of IGN Dreamcast:

It seems that everyone will have a rival in this game. Sonic has a rival in Shadow, a new character. Knuckles has a rival in Rouge, also a new character. And, according to Japanese Dreamcast website Dreamcast Station, Tails will find his rival in Robotnik. This could be first “unofficial” confirmation that Tails will actually be playable in the game, although we ain’t sayin’ nothin’ for sure.

…Depending on the character you play as, the game will take on one of three different forms. For Sonic (and possibly Shadow), the game will be best described as a 3D Action title. For Knuckles (and possibly Rouge), the game will be best described as a…Treasure Hunting title. For Tails and Robotnik, the game will be best described as an Action Shooter.

More information when we get it.