GameJam: SA2 Character Info

GameJam: SA2 Character Info

by April 15, 2001

IGN Dreamcast has posted a ‘roster’ of sorts of characters in Sonic Adventure 2…we’ve known who was going to be in the game for some time. However, this roster also includes what zones he or she will be playing in, including descriptions:

Naka stated that the underlying theme of SA2 was light and dark / good and evil, and each character has a “dark side” equivalent.

SONIC: …The demo kicked off with the traditional San Francisco downhill run, which had a few changes from the Phantasy Star Online demo: all of the ads for PSO had been replaced with ads for “SOAP,” and all of the street signs with NiGHTS textures have been replaced. After this, the demo moved on to a jungle stage…the jungle sequence is a mix of the Sonic 3 tropical zone, and the forest areas from NiGHTS into Dreams. Sonic blasts through hollowed-tree halfpipes, and swings from 100-meter-long ropes that hang from the jungle canopy, accompanied by dramatic camera movements which show off insane attention to detail.

SHADOW: Shadow the Hedgehog seems to be a creation of biomechanical fat man Dr. Eggman, sporting black threads and nitrium skates – when moving at full speed, he jets back and forth like the Jet Set Radio characters. The Shadow stage on show was a new “Radical Highway” stage, with even bigger loops, drops, and scripted sequences (such as a pack of fighters blowing away random chunks of the bridge you’re standing on). Once again, insane attention to detail…

Sonic and Shadow race against each other in a vertically-split two-player mode, where hitting various objects can whack your opponent with a lightning bolt or slow them down. As with the rest of the 2P modes, the game drops to 30fps to handle the doubled polygon count.

TAILS: …Sonic Team have put him behind the controls of a two-legged mech with loads of guns. Tails’ sequences look extremely similar to E-109’s from the first Sonic Adventure, with healthy amounts of lock-on shooting.

DR. EGGMAN: Yes indeedy, he’s playable. The fat guy sits behind the controls of his Egg Walker (not at all unlike Tails’), and waddles through industrial stages blowing up various badniks. Eggman was running around the “Sand Ocean” level in the playable demo, which looked like a real time Prince of Egypt setpiece – not bad at all.

Eggman and Tails butt heads with each other during 2P mode, which is strangely reminiscent of Power Stone — a camera tracks them from a 3/4ths overhead perspective as they blast each other to bite-sized chunks.

KNUCKLES: …As with the first game, Knuckles is all about digging up emeralds with his paws, and coasting and climbing through wide-open environments. Knuckles was shown running around “Wild Canyon,” which was populated with bad guys, wind tunnels, Moroccan architecture and textures.

ROUGE: Knuckles with bat wings and breasts…Rouge was spotted doing the same things as Knuckles – gliding, punching, and digging for treasure. The two-player split-screen mode is simply a race between Knuckles and Rouge to snag all of the emeralds before the other guy does.

We’ll continue to gather information on SA2 at GameJam when we get it.