WB Leaves Sonic HQ

WB Leaves Sonic HQ

by April 20, 2001

John Gray, webmaster of Sonic HQ since Zifei Wu retired, has decided to do the same thing. His parting message could be seen on the main index page:

I suppose that it was gonna come to this after a while.

Well folks, my big secret that I hyped up on the Mobius Forum is finally out. In case the graphic above didn’t tell you – somebody’s retiring from Sonic HQ, and that somebody is me – WB. Ladies and gents, it’s time I said my final goodbyes to Sonic fandom. I’ve been here for probably about 5 years now – since late 2001 and was the second co-webmaster after Zifei Wu left. I didn’t really get to do everything I wanted, but to say it wasn’t one of the most fun things I’ve ever done would be a bald faced lie. 🙂

I’ve met a lot of cool and interesting people on the net, some I consider VERY close friends to me, and I wouldnt have made as many friends as I had if I hadn’t been doing this site that I love to do so much. When I took over SHQ from Zifei, I had NO IDEA what I was gonna do with it. I had no idea if I could even live up to the expectations that Zif and everyone else who visited the site had already set up for me. And lastly, I had NO IDEA I’d be here as long as I was. What can I say, I’m a clueless schmoe. 🙂

There’s no bad blood with anybody, ultimately as far as I’m concerned, I’m going out on a great note and best of all, I wouldn’t trade any of my time at SHQ for anything in the world. Having said that – to the folks at the Mofo, thank you. To the visitors who come here daily or are just visiting, thank you. And to those who put up with silly ol’ Dub and his crazy antics – thank you. Its been a blast. 🙂

I’ve chosen my replacement and good-ol Vector will still be here, as well as your new co-webmaster, Katrice Georges. A few of you Sonic fans may know her from her online names as True Red or Lianne-ka from the Knuckles Haven webpage. She and Vec have some good things in the works so give her all the best and don’t give her any flack either after I’m gone, or I’ll hunt you all down and haunt you and your children and your childrens children and EVERYBODY ELSE UNTIL THE END OF TIME! BWAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! **cough** ^__^

Vector, Ian, Katrice, Lien, Tony, Tristan, Vass, Rlan, Troophead, Sarah, Eric, Luke, Brian, Trevor, Luis, Kedzie, EVERYBODY! I’ll miss you guys tremendously. This isn’t so much as a goodbye, but a see you later. I’ll still be popping into the Mofo on occasion and starting in about two weeks, under the help of one of my advisors at SCAD I’ll be starting an online comic strip at Keenspace and I’ll be busy pursuing my dreams of becoming an animator. It’s what I fought to get into school for so I think it’s time I got started. 🙂 I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress and when it opens if anyone is interested.