More DC Games Canned?

More DC Games Canned?

by April 26, 2001

From an unknown message board, this word apparently comes from Sega of Europe:

Cutting straight to the point…
But they’re all published by SEGA I hear you cry- they CAN’T BE!!!!!

Well, fact has it that all three games were being developed under supervision of SEGA of EUROPE.

SEGA of EUROPE issued their latest release list on April 16th 2001 and ALL these three games had been deleted from it which were to be released in Europe first.

Here’s why: No Cliché have begun work porting Agartha to the XBOX (still to be published by SEGA as part of their multi-platform strategy), Red Lemon have now cancelled ‘Take The Bullet’ as SEGA of EUROPE decided that even after two years work, the game was still not fit for any kind of release. And the company behind the port of Black & White have definately gone bankrupt, and SEGA of EUROPE have no plans to find another developer for the port as it would delay the game well in to mid-2002- too late in the Dreamcast’s life-span to be worth it.

Also, Ecco the Dolphin 2 and the Real Arcade Pack (both of which have been rumoured for quite some time) are definately not due for a release.

So there you have it… even SEGA’s 1.5-party developers can cancel games. So it’s lucky that SEGA of JAPAN can still support the system. Let’s just hope the other SEGA of EUROPE game, HEADHUNTER, is NOT the next in a long line of cancellations.

More interestingly though, is SEGA of EUROPE’s decision to not include ANY of Visual Concept’s line-up in its release schedule. No Ooga-Booga, Floigan Brothers, or any of the sports games are on the line-up for Europe. Also, there is no mention of Alien Front Online, PSO V2, Age Of Empires 2, any other Konami-Microsoft ports, or even some of the recently announced games such as Cosmic Smash (which is headed for European arcades first!). Interestingly though, is that the promising Hellgate is still on the schedule, along with Galleon and Planet of the Apes, with also a new title ‘Tooncar’ which will be published by AAA games (Online PLC), although no info is known about that game at present.