E3 2001: Fan Thoughts, Part 1

E3 2001: Fan Thoughts, Part 1

by May 18, 2001

This will certainly be a multi-part series here at the Sonic Scene, as we take a look at what Sega fans at home and at the show think of the goings on. We start first with a broad look at E3 from DCTP forum z167704:


From everything I’ve seen so far, it is very easy to tell that there are many developers, EA for example, that are NOT happy with SEGA’s current position. I’ve noticed through the many interviews shown in the last two days that many people consider SEGA to be in their best position ever for profit. When you hear about PSO on Gamecube you can almost smell the heaps of cash that SEGA is going to be making. SEGA’s future seems VERY bright.


Nintendo failed to impress me. Infact I was turned off by most of what I saw. Super Smash Brothers looked pathetic. It had the most choppy animation you have EVER seen in this or the last generation of 3D video games. The characters, some look cool and some don’t, features trash animation and there is no excuse for it. Also, almost every single GameCube game featured a low amount of high resolution textures. Compared to XBOX in terms of polygon and texture use, the XBOX looks like it could eat the GameCube for breakfast. Luigi’s Mansion is a joke, I wouldn’t call it a sequal to Mario 64, its more like a dumb kid game designed to make you giggle. If you ask me, the GameCube’s hardware has failed to impress. As far as the games go, the most interesting and impressive games talked about where those anounced from SEGA. Right now, in terms of first party games, GameCube is looking like an N64. The games are far to “Kiddy” for my taste as they always have been. I was wrong to believe that Nintendo would know what they were doing this time around. Nintendo sucks more than ever.


Sony has just taken the beating of its life and the only thing it had to fight back with was, “We have teamed up with AOL, be afraid!”. The PS2 is dead, nuff said.


This is a mixed bag. First, the games shown for XBOX were mostly action type games. Lots of “meat and carrots” type games. First person, action adventure, racing, fighting etc etc. So far that’s a good sign, at least we see that MS has an idea of the types of games the majority of people want to play. After all, chances are more people rather play HALO instead of PIKMIN. Speaking of HALO, it and lots of other games are clearly trying to show off the XBOX’s ability to display tons of special effects and polygons. There are some pretty amazing looking games for XBOX so far but its not all good and there seems to be a rather large differance in quality between some of the games. For the most part, the games on XBOX look like they wouldn’t run on the other systems. There is bad news though. Perhaps it is due to some of the XBOX games running on early Dev kits, or because they are suffering from DirectX performance issues, some of the games look choppy. Slow down can be seen in allot of the games, but some of them look very early. HALO for example, showed some very choppy frames, still the game looked very nice and uses bump mapping as if it were free. Those Vertex shaders could be seen in action in many games. In general, it looks like there is allot of potential on the XBOX. Sega made games on the XBOX, like Jet Set Radio Future look the smoothest so far. The bottom line on XBOX now is that, while most of the games shown so far aren’t big name games, most look good. With great looking games like DOA3 and JSRF, it is clear that with quality software from quality developers, XBOX is the strongest of all the new consoles. XBOX is going to NEED SEGA made games in order to make a big splash. MS better start kissing SEGA’s feet because if they don’t, we may all end up wondering what SEGA games on GameCube might have looked like on XBOX.