E3 2001: Fan Reaction Part 2

E3 2001: Fan Reaction Part 2

by May 19, 2001

It’s time for another trip to the DC Tech Pages. z167704 offers his opinion on why PSO is the first must own title for the GameCube:

Well now that we have seen PSO v2 on GameCube, we now have a least one great reason to own a GameCube. With a 4 player offline mode, this game is must have and for me makes the GameCube worth owning.

I happen to think that Nintendo’s first party showings at E3 were pathetic, but it seems that SEGA has saved Nintendo. Had not PSO v2 shown up with a 4 player offline mode I would have pretty much desided that for the time being, I would focus on XBOX.

SEGA isn’t making this easy. GameCube’s hardware may look under-powered when compared to XBOX, but PSO still looks beautiful and right now I can’t wait to get a few friends over for some real “REAL TIME” adventuring.

Here is unsub comparing XBox games to GameCube titles:

Halo was so choppy it was unreal. Everything was just awkward, and they didn’t reveal any big surprises. They have a lot to learn.

Nintendo’s conference, on the other hand, was very impressive, and having Miyamoto spend 10 minutes describing the design of the controller just was really interesting. Just to see someone playing actual Gamecube games for the first time was interesting.

The games also looked way more finished than any X-Box game. I came away really surpassed. I also underestimated the power of the Game Cube. It’s really much more impressive than I thought.


Anyway, to me Nintendo owned this E3, I was hooked at their website most of the time downloading footage and I have to say that it was exactly what I was expecting. Ok, I was hoping to see more of Metroid’s ACTUAL GAMEPLAY, not a brief teaser but overall I’m pleased with what I saw.

For ppl that wasn’t so impressed, maybe they were hoping for something like.. Toy Story graphics… I’m excited with XBox already but I was hoping they showed something incredible like Panzer Dragoon. Wait! E3 just started, maybe they still got something under their hood.

And Ace O’ Spaces, concerned:

When I first saw the videos of Donkey Kong Racing, Rogue Squadron 2, Star Fox DP, and others I was pretty impressed…

But then after seeing some of the “high-res” shots I’m not nearly as pleased. The visuals aren’t bad, but what’s with the N64ish blur in Wave Race and Star Fox DP???

Certainly these are titles still in the works and knowing Rare, they could still have several years left in development, but it’s not just the visual quality that dissapoints me with the GameCube but also the games that are coming out for it are entirely the same kind as what could be found on the N64. 3D platformers, Star Wars titles, First Person Shooters, Kart Racers, and your odd sports titles. I can’t wait for Akklaim to announce there titles. *sigh*

Xbox didn’t really impress me either, for all of the machines touted power, where were the good looking games?!! Not even so much as a peep from all the developers that SHOULD be showing major titles (Capcom, Sega, Tecmo, etc.) instead we get a bunch of odd-ball content from small developers and PC ports… Xbox will need to do a bit more before I’m gonna think about plunking $300 for one.

So basically we got both the 1st parties who had been til now denying to the hilt the aura of what their consoles would be like, (GC = kiddy console, Xbox = PC) unveiling titles which basically just confirm this.

Someone needs to do something better then the PS2… Sega, why did you have to leave?