E3 2001: Fan Reaction Part 4

E3 2001: Fan Reaction Part 4

by May 19, 2001

Blaze Hedgehog has put in his two cents on the goings on at E3 at the Moogle Cavern Message Board.

The Xbox –

I saw this guy first. As I’m sure with all of you watching TechTV did. The first (and only) game I saw was Halo. (I saw no Munch, or anything else — despite the rather large collecting of Xbox titles at E3)… I was impressed at first. The game supported super high-res textures, and a few useless features (such as bump mapping. Ooo :P)… the guy playing the game itself was alot more fun to watch than the game itself. The framerate on this game reminded me of when the guys at Extended Play show a PC title — it choked, and sputtered, and gagged in alot of places. For a machine with so much “power” under the hood, Halo sure seemed to be taxing the system quite abit.

The Gamecube –

Nearly 15 minutes after the Xbox showing, as me and Kulock were patiently waiting for, was the Gamecube Conference. Okay, old guy babbling on about the Nintendo Difference, some Japanese guy, the old guy again… what’s this? SHIGERU MIYAMOTO!? w00t. Okay, it’s here I became impressed beyond anything I had ever thought before. I was completely blown away by the Smash Brothers Melee video. Luigi’s Mansion impressed me with it’s amazing lighting effects. Pikmin… made me go “Uhhhhh….”…

I didn’t get to see much video past that, just screens of various things (Bloody Quicktime, I refuse to use the abomination).. Starfox Adventures… I don’t know. The lighting effects on it and various other bits and peices seem too… I dunno. Weird. Out of place. Plus I saw some very low-res textures. (which could just be hangovers from the N64 version, they sure do look like N64 textures). Wave Race looks cool enough. I like the water reflection and waves you create. Very realistic. Donkey Kong Racing looks pretty neat. Metroid looks like it’s gonna blow Half-Life out of the water (they’re both “First Person Adventures”)

But my question is — what about all the titles Nintendo merely HINTED at? “Mario Sunshine”, “100 Mario’s” — all those? What are THOSE games all about? If you noticed, within a day Nintendo REMOVED THEM from the E3 site. Very peculiar, indeed.

The Playstation 2 –

Gran Turismo 3 who? Metal Gear what? — it’s obvious the Playstation 2 got put in it’s grave, as the floodgates for the Gamecube and Xbox were opened — the console as a whole got completely overshadowed in my opinion, all but being forgotten about by most people. The only things I saw about the Playstation 2 concerning E3 were TechTV’s preview of Final Fantasy X, and Monster Rancher 3. Other than that I hardly saw anything concerning a PS2. I saw them hinting at it, but if you ask me the entire show was all about the Gamecube and the Xbox.

And if you ask me, even out of those two consoles, it was more about the Gamecube than anything else. But, from what I think I saw of the PS2 port of Crazy Taxi, I’m not missing much. The low-resolution created the usual jagged lines the PSx and PS2 are now famous for. The framerate (while I do realize this is an E3 copy and is subject to change) stuttered and flung off 60fps several times during the footage I saw, going down to 30fps, and at times, even LOWER. Way to use the “all powerful PS2” fellas.

Also, I like how Sony tried to keep up with the Gamecube and Xbox news by announcing their AOL partnership. Way to be a lamer, Sony. They STILL got burried, too. Hah. 😛

The Gameboy Advance –

Not too much showstopping in the way of this nice little package, although it was a pleasant suprise to see it could double as a Gamecube Controller. 🙂 But how does that work out? I curse Miyamoto for not explaining further.

But the usual was there, Mario Kart Advance, etc etc — a rather suprising title was Banjo Kazooie: Grunty’s Revenge. I dunno, I fear Isometric Games. I think it’s because Sonic 3D Blast was such a waste, and Tony Hawk 1 for the GBC was so impossible that I fear them.

On a note about Sonic Advance, the stillshots I saw of the game made it look nothing like our Hedgehog really is. The running animation looks wacked, as does most of the other animations. But seeing the game in motion… it’s hard to say. It’s certainly not the Genesis Sonic we were expecting, that’s for sure. Which to a point saddens me. I was looking forward to a new, offical 2D Sonic game to take me back to the days of Sonic 2 and Sonic 3, but obviously that’s not what they’re doing. Looks like I’ll just have to rely on Fangames, then.

None the less I’m still gonna get this beast. I mean, come on. Fzero. Castlevania. Sonic. Breath of Fire. Earthworm Jim. You can’t go wrong.

The Dreamcast –

It’s come to my attention that in this day of the Xbox and the Gamecube, I can see why Sega did the wise choice of putting the Dreamcast out to pasture. There’s no way our little beige box could even stand up to the piddly Xbox. That’s clearly obvious as the PS2 isn’t even standing up well against these two new contenders. And the PS2 is the “must own system” for everybody.

The lackluster Dreamcast coverage by all sites (especially IGN) was something that saddened me. But luckily SegaDojo kept me in the know for Dreamcast E3 coverage. Personally, out of what I saw, I can’t wait for Toejam and Earl 3.

That’s actually all I can really remember seeing on the Dreamcast side of things. How depressing.

Overall –

If you ask me, Gamecube came out on top. If you ask me, The Xbox, and the PS2, are moving into territory their not supposed to. What do I mean? These past few weeks, I’ve recently seen something I never seen before.

PC Gamers are coming into Console Territory and ripping on the Xbox and PS2 saying that us Console Gamers are lame and whatnot. This is because Sony and Msoft are bringing together the Console gamer and the PC gamer — two sanctions of the Gaming world that were never ment to become part of each other. The result is a forshadowing apocolypse.

This does not bode well.

But, if you ask, Nintendo stole the show the Xbox not far behind, while the Dreamcast and the PS2 waddled along at their old pace. Infact, you could almost call the PS2 that really annoying kid who keeps saying “Can I play?” and tagging along just because you looked at him in the hallway.