E3 2001: What About SA2?

E3 2001: What About SA2?

by May 19, 2001

Many are wondering about Sonic Adventure 2’s appearance at the show. We can tell you that the game is there, and kiosks with the game are set up…problem is, it’s all behind closed doors in Sega’s booth. Outside the booth, a video is continuously playing showcasing some SA2 footage. In addition, it appears that Yuji Naka talked about the game during a Q and A session, likely during the first E3 conference day, and we should have more information on that a little later on today.

Also, we have learned that IGN may have a video ready of Sonic Adventure 2 footage, and we are watching out for that. Of course, that could also be only for Insider subscribers…anyway, Kulock, who sent in this information, also said this on his own message board regarding the video:

Well, it shows Tails playing in Shadow’s “Wild Highway” (or whatever it’s called) stage, so it’s not just like players in it, Knuckles DOES swim in the video. Rouge’s “Emerald Shard Radar” is instead used in a scene to find Eggman keys…

More info when we get it…