The Sonic Foundation Wins May Sweeps

The Sonic Foundation Wins May Sweeps

by May 25, 2001

While the usual ‘Big 3’ Sonic sites showed some growth overall, the rest of the Sonic sites in the Sweeps period tumbled in numbers…some dramatically.

The Sonic Foundation takes the #1 crown again, with 39,427 visitors from April 27th to May 24th, a 38.3 percent increase from the February Sweeps.

Team Artail was second in the books, with 34,621 visitors, a 19.5 percent increase from February, and Sonic HQ ventures into unchartered territory–third place. The site received 32,189 visitors; still, that is a 5.2% increase from the February books.

The Sonic Fan Games HQ takes fourth in the Sweeps books, though still way behind the Big 3. The site accumulated 13,228 visitors during the period, but that’s a decrease of .3% from February.

The Sonic Stuff Research Group, which took the #1 crown in February, has dropped from first to fifth!! The site only managed to gain 12,376 visitors in the period. That is a dropoff of 59.5 percent and the SSRG’s worst showing in the book since last May. It looks like the #1 spot will only be a one-timer for the site, as the SSRG did get some free advertising only during February, and, in turn, visitation skyrocketed only during that time.

TSSZ, this site, took sixth with 5,709 visitors; that is a dropoff of 12.9 percent from February. SonicRoms.Org, Daniel Russell’s site, has resurfaced into the books to finish seventh. The Moogle Cavern also returns to the books to finish in eighth, and SSNTails.Org comes in last.