New Information: Fan Game Dispute

New Information: Fan Game Dispute

by June 2, 2001

Stealth posted a letter meant to clarify his position on fan games today on the SSRG:

Alright, obviously, if anyone reading this news update hasn’t already found it, you’ll most certainly make your way around to a very intrusive post on the Moogle Cavern messageboard about a Private conversation I tried to have with two SSRG staff members. I don’t know why Kulock took it upon himself to post it, and I don’t know why Rlan thought he should be parading it around in the first place. I’ve had a bad month. People have those, you know..

I wrote to the two because in the exact same morning, someone was WoW’ing me over this “Speedball” game that’s been released somewhere. I don’t know where, because I was given a direct link. I hear things about how I need to “catch up” and the like, and those aren’t things you want someone saying to you have an insanely cramped schedule and several MILLION personal problems on your hands. I’ve played the game, and I can admit, this person did something nice. But on another hand, how is anyone to know exactly WHAT Mettrix looks like at the moment, when the majority of my programming time has been spent on that program since September of last year? I have to say that I don’t release new versions every time I squash one tiny bug or change a single piece of art. I want to do something big, something worth downloading. The thing is several MB large, after all. I also can’t do certain things in such short time, because I have to do them myself. I don’t rely on another program to do it for me. During all of this, I take a look inside the ReadMe file, and this guy mentions SEVERAL times over how he thinks he’s a “Programmer”. There -IS- a difference, no matter how many people try to deny it. Some things in CnC do take a certain level of skill to get working correctly, and that’s a good thing in it’s own right, but it still does not make someone a Programmer.

If you’re still reading this thing, then good, thank you. I don’t have anything against people who use Click products for that fact, but I feel that it isn’t right that they call themselves “Programmers”. People who use those programs click buttons and drag/drop pcitures to create scripts that will be interpreted by the Runtime Module, effectively calling PRE-WRITTEN functions simple and complex alike.

I didn’t once state in that letter that I was actually going to do anything to anyone, if you go back and read it carefully. I wanted to talk to both Rocket and Rlan about the situation, and ONLY them. If things hadn’t gotten blown out of proportion like they did LAST time, things would have ended up being resolved peacefully, anywhere from everyone politely being asked to follow along (IE: only anyone who tries to be a real bastard gets yelled at.), or even Rlan and Rocket rationally talking me out of it. However, Rlan chose to panic, and make me look like some kind of powermad tyrant.

Andy Wolan also posted some information on the matter; more from him will come later on:

Rlan’s only official instructions are to post only the best fan games out on the web. Games of low quality are not to be posted for webspace concerns. (The site already consumes over 700 Megs.)

As for the scripting vs. programming issue, I feel I have the qualifications to make that determination for reasons I will not get into. I will post my comments on SSRG later.

More information when we get it.