TFH Play Update: You Decide

TFH Play Update: You Decide

by June 27, 2001

Blaze Hedgehog has brought up three ways for Sonic: The Fated Hour to work. But he can’t decide. So, you can come to its message board and decide for him. Here are the choices:

#1 – “One Continuous World” aka “SOTN style”
For you Castlevania fans out there, you know what this is all about. I create one big huge “world” for Sonic to run around in. There are no seperate levels, no seperate acts, no title cards, just one, big, huge world. (Similiar to SOTN/COTM’s big huge Dracula Castle) — You can go back and forth between any “area” at any time.

This also allows me to get ALOT more creative with secrets, and puzzles as well. There ARE a few kinks in the system I might have to work out, though. Also, it allows me to do a wide varity of stuff, kind of like what Shenmue had. (IE – Random Weather, and maybe, just maybe, even night and day)

“Restart Polls” would be eliminated, replaced with save points instead. Personally, this is my favorite option, as it seems no fangame ever has chosen to take this path, and it gives me alot of freedom in doing what I’d like to do. But it is not without it’s concequences.

For rings to be successful in this mode, I would have to borrow a little from Epoch. Since when you complete a Zone in a normal Sonic game, your rings are reset to 0, having one continous world means you can get hundreds upon thousands of rings if you’re good enough. Thus, borrowing abit from Epoch, rings would be used for “level up” only, thus shifting alot of the gameplay around to a RPG-esque fashion. Leveling up would net Sonic more HP, allowing him to take more damage, and possibly even netting him a new special move.

#2 – “The Standard Crap”
Normal Sonic. Title Cards. Acts. Zones. No levels, no HP, just basic Sonic.

#3 – “Hybrid” aka “Sonic Adventure”
Big world (Adventure Field), but you have to enter levels like in Sonic Adventure. No HP, No levels. Basically 2D SA set up.