Race to 180: VMU Sharing Considered?

Race to 180: VMU Sharing Considered?

by June 29, 2001

Sonic3D40 has come up with a very interesting idea–why not share a VMU save among several people in order to reach 180 emblems?

There are some emblems that some people are good at, some that are hard, but there’s GOT to be at least one person who can get an A rating in some hard levels. And of course, some in easy levels. There’s got to be a good chao parent, owner, whatever, and there’s got to be a good kart racer.

Anyways, what I’m driving at here, is why don’t we all SHARE a file? If you got a second VMU, you can save it onto that so you can still use your own personal file. We can get all 180 emblems TOGETHER. Some one just downloads the file, and then uploads it again.

So how about that?

This concept is nothing new, as hubs like PlanetWeb and Booyaka promote the same thing, but in a different way.