Latest on Project Bluestorm

Latest on Project Bluestorm

by July 6, 2001

Sonic 360 has posted an update on his fan game project, Bluestorm, yesterday:

I got my act together and continued work on the level. TGF team is now helping too with various parts of the demo so progress is speeding up quite a bit.

I’ve also gone through quite a lot now so most of the bugs are gone, and any problems found have been fixed one way or another.

In terms of percentage, I’d say the demo, providing the size of the level stays as it is, is about 80% done now. All that’s left is enhancements, more bug fixing, effects and optimisations.

So basically, everything is going great, at this rate, a demo should be out very soon. I don’t want to specify a date, as knowing me I’ll never make it. Let’s just say if there are no problems, a week should be quite realistic.

We’ll let you know of new information.