Nintendo Sues Over Fire Emblem

Nintendo Sues Over Fire Emblem

by July 26, 2001

From IGN Cube:

Bloomberg reports that Nintendo Co. Ltd. has filed a lawsuit against distributor Enterbrain Inc. and Tirnanog Co. for infringing upon its Fire Emblem game license and patent. The firm is seeking $2 million in damages.

Nintendo alleges that designer Shozo Kaga, president of Tirnanog, copied the appearances and background areas from the Fire Emblem franchise for the company’s recently released PlayStation title, Tear Ring Saga.

Interestingly, Tear Ring Saga originally appeared in Japanese games magazines using the name Emblem Saga, and more than one IGN editor initially believed it to be an extension of the Fire Emblem series. TearRing Saga has sold more than 345,000 copies since its release.

Nintendo’s own Fire Emblem 64 was cancelled for the system last year. Rumors suggest that the company may be planning to bring the franchise to its next-generation GameCube console. More details in that regard are expected from its upcoming Space World show in Tokyo, Japan.