“Tornado Scramble” Fan Game Canceled

“Tornado Scramble” Fan Game Canceled

by July 28, 2001

Flare Hedgehog has cancelled the anticipated fan game Tornado Scramble, he explained why on Thursday:

Why? Well, I was thinking about it all, and have a few reasons why:

-I have a pretty darn good computer, but the game is as slow as Eggman. Thinking how it would run on most computers….it wouldn’t work at all.

-The direction the game was going. Sure, I had an engine, multiple characters, a Title Screen, a level. That was it.

-The graphics: It wasn’t too good. It was 3D, but the models
sucked. That’s what happens when you use DoGa…

So..what now? Well, I still want to make a Sonic game in Darkbasic, so I thought about it, and I have a few ideas. I’m gonna run a poll, and see what people want:
Which Idea do you want made into a Sonic Fan Game?
-A Sonic RPG
-A Sonic Platformer (Sonic Adventure, Sonic Xtream, etc.)
-A Misc. Sonic Game (Sonic Spinball, Sonic Labrynth, etc.)

And finally, I will upload a zip file of Tornado Scramble later for anyone who wants to use the engine or continue it.