Bluestorm Demo Arriving Wednesday

Bluestorm Demo Arriving Wednesday

by July 29, 2001

Sonic360 posted the final update on the status of the game before the August 1st release.

The demo is finally complete and all thats left to do is tweaking. Heres whats in the beta at the moment:

*No stop dead

*The opening level (15,000 x 1000)

*Final title screen/level splash screen

*All of Sonic’s basic moves (run, jump, roll etc.)

*Fully implemented level effects

*Midi music and not Mp3 as previously planned

Heres what are not in the demo and are planned for the SAGE release:

*Cut scenes

*Intro sequence

*Mp3 music (namely Leebro’s Lava Reef Remix)

*Any bugs that were overlooked in the beta fixed

*A windowed version (for people with older monitors)

*Overall improvements to the demo

Currently, the demo features 3 music tracks, over 20 sound effects and consists of 168 events.

The first 10 or so events are the basics with another 20 for badniks, rings etc. which leaves a whopping 138 events just for the level effects.

Creating a believable meteor shower complete with everything you expect to happen when hundreds of giant rocks hit the fragile ground is the reason the event count is so high.

As for any of you who don’t know the story, basically, meteors are attacking Angel Island and you of course are thrown straight in the middle of it.