Mang Team Job Opening

Mang Team Job Opening

by July 31, 2001

LuckettX has announced that a new position at Mang Team desperately has to be filled:

The position open is basically level construction, design input and MMF operating. If you don’t have MMF, then this kinda makes it tough for you to apply ;P

A MUST is that you are on the Internet a lot. From previous occurances, Mang Team learned that people who disappear off to do work…don’t do it.

Also, you’ve got to actually LIKE the Waffle X project and stick with it. No good joining then disappearing off saying ‘I got bored’.

Waffle X is fo’ life, homie.

I hope this topic doesnt get shunted off the page as usual as that would have very sad ramifications on the project.

If you would like to contribute, the best thing to do is E-Mail him.